31.01.2017. From 18:00 till 20:30 in the shopping center “Sun City” on the third floor there was an exhibition and a free tasting of vodka products as part of the celebration of the “World Vodka Day”.


January 31 – Birthday of Russian vodka. On this day in 1865 the famous scientist chemist Dmitri Mendeleev defended his doctoral thesis “On combining alcohol and water” in St. Petersburg.



The first vodka recipes appeared in Russia 500 years ago, as evidenced by the exhibits of the Moscow Museum of the History of Russian Vodka. But it was Mendeleev who found the “ideal” proportion and “created” forty-degree vodka.


Historians believe that white bread wine was brought to Russia from Scandinavia in the 16th century or even 100 years earlier from Genoa. It is also known that in Russia strong drinks were consumed already in the 11th and 12th centuries, and the alcohol content in them reached 56 degrees.