Owing to the high quality of products the trademark “Spicul de Aur”  have become extremely popular and have gained the  confidence of Moldavian consumers.



  • TM «Spicul de Aur» – « Year’s Trademark 2003»
  • TM«Spicul de Aur» – « Year’s Trademark 2004» nomination «The year’s most famous trademark»
  • TM «Spicul de Aur» – «Year’s Trademark 2005» nomination «Excellence»
  • TM«Spicul de Aur» – «Year’s Trademark 2006» nomination «Prestige award»
  • TM «Spicul de Aur» – «Year’s Trademark 2007» nomination «Excelenta»
  • TM «BioHleb» – gold medal « Year’s Trademark 2008» nomination «Years’ Debut»
  • TM «Spicul de Aur» – «Year’s Trademark 2009» nomination “Lider”
  • TM «Spicul de Aur» – «Year’s Trademark 2010» nomination “Profi”
  • ТМ «Spicul de Aur» – «Year’s Trademark 2011» nomination “Rebrending”
  • ТМ «Spicul de Aur» – «Year’s Trademark 2013» nomination “Favorit”

We are sure that in the next years our products will be appreciated as well and associated with superior quality both in Moldova and abroad.