Gretchen Schnapps

Dessert flavored alcoholic drink “Gretchen Schnapps” with cranberry, peach, black-currant and almond flavors.  

The dessert flavored alcoholic drink “Gretchen Schnapps” is produced with aromas of peach, cranberry, black currant and almond. Schnapps is produced in Germany beginning with the XVI century   and happens to be very popular out there. For this reason one can say for sure that it is a national German drink. The information about its alcohol content is very fuzzy. Some sources say that its alcohol content has to be 38-40%, but the most common statements are that it has to be of 20-30%. Usually it is a flavored drink. In each case the composition and manufacturing processes are unique, that is why there are such sayings that you will not find two same products of this kind.  

Schnapps should be served in very little portions, it lacks the syrup taste characteristic to tinctures and the sweetness of liqueurs and the alcohol taste is hardly distinguished. This drink can become an alternative to low alcohol cocktails and tinctures.

Alcohol content: 24 %
Bottle capacity: 0.5L

Ingredients: softened water, pure rectified spirit distilled from selected wheat, sugar, citric acid, juice concentrate