Nucul de Aur

“Nucul de Aur” Balm – (“Golden nut”)

“Nucul de Aur” Balm is a medicine drink, which generously absorbed a multitude of aromatic infusions of medicinal herbs, roots, fruits, various essential oils, and the most important – green walnut tincture containing easily assimilated iodine. These ecologically clean natural additives provide the balm a peculiar brown color, an incredibly wide range of tastes and a rich, harmonious aroma. The balm has a stimulating and tonic effect in physical and mental overstrain, distress and weakness; it is an excellent strengthening remedy. It is recommended as addition to tea, coffee, ice cream and vodka.

Alcohol content: 45 %

Bottle capacity: 0.25L, 0.5L (glass)

Ingredients: softened water, pure rectified spirit distilled from selected wheat, sugar, extract of: walnut, wormwood, chamomile, mint, strawberry, rose hips, propolis, sage, lavender, etc.