Bitter "Pepersky" – cold days and bad weather are not a problem!

The production vodka infused with pepper - is an old tradition in Russia as well as in Poland. One of the most known connoisseurs of this product was Peter the Ist, who practiced to drink one or two glasses of this vodka per day.  The originally Russian recipe for curing different diseases and fatigue syndromes is a glass of peppery and spicy infusion. “Pepersky” is a medicine drink stimulating the appetite and also a traditional remedy for indisposition and colds.  Enjoy its fiery taste and unique aroma provided by chilli pepper essence and natural honey. During long winter evenings, when the weather outside the windows is rough, nothing can warm body and soul better than a good glass of slightly tingling “Pepersky”.

Alcohol content: 40 %

Bottle capacity: 0.5L

Ingredients: softened water, pure rectified spirit distilled from selected wheat, sugar, paprika extract, natural honey