Red Rider

"Red Rider" - Whisky.                                              

Moldova is famous for its fertile and eco-friendly soils, on which from ancient times is cultivated high quality wheat. The water - from the deepest layers of the earth, which were once the bottom of an ancient sea; is another natural heritage of our republic. Combined with the centuries-old experience of manufacturing spirits, these unique components have become the basis of the new special products - whisky "Red Rider" which won’t leave you indifferent and will bring a new stream of fresh emotions in your life.

Alcohol content: 40 %

Bottle capacity: 0,25L 0,5L 0,7L

Ingredients: ethyl rectified grain spirit of the highest purification, specially prepared softened water, natural dyes (caramel), sugar, aromatizer identical to the natural «Aroma whisky»