"Stolicinaia" Vodka - the most famous vodka in the world

In 1953 the Russian extra-class distiller V.G. Svirida created the well-known vodka «Stolichnaya». As early as in 1954 this production won the international recognition - when effecting the «blind testing» procedure the «Stolichnaya» vodka excelled the other famous mark «Smirnoff». It is the most saleable vodka abroad, foreigners kindly call it «Stoli». Old traditions found their modern continuation in the wonderful vodka «Stolichnaya», being produced today by the trademark of «Spicul de Aur». The enterprise's technologists tried to reproduce the recipes of this well-known Russian vodka. The «Stolichnaya» vodka refers to the group of high-quality kinds of vodka. It is produced according to classical technologies of Russian vodka.

Alcohol content: 40 %

Bottle capacity: 0.5L

Ingredients: softened water, rectified spirit "Extra" distilled from selected wheat, sugar.