Production of alcoholic drinks and drinks with reduced alcohol content

fasadProduction of elite vodka under the TM “Spicul de Aur” started in 2001. In 2005 the entire production process of alcoholic products, vodka and drinks with reduced content of alcohol was certified by the Swiss company SGS according to the international quality management standard ISO 9001:2000. For already 8 years in a series the TM “Spicul de Aur” is awarded the premium of Trademark of the Year in Moldova.

Good proofs of the high quality of alcoholic drinks produced under the TM “Spicul de Aur” are the over 90 premiums received at numerous international exhibitions and tasting competitions.

The company’s products are exported to USA, Canada, China, Germany, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria  and other countries.

All kinds of vodka and tinctures are produced:

  • exclusively by the classic technology;
  • only of rectified spirit “Lux” (96,3°) distilled from selected wheat; with the use of specially treated  natural water (through a reverse osmosis system);
  • with subsequent purification of water-alcohol mix with activated carbon (through two carbon columns) and filtration through quartz sand column;
  • with the use of platinum filter for additional water treatment – for the first time in Moldova;
  • with the use of exclusively natural and environmentally pure ingredients;
  • under a strict quality control at all the production stages.

Products in the production process passes the following elements of purification:

  • The alcohol used in the production, is cleaned by:
  • Distillation column
  • Epuration column
  • Fractionating column
  • The acceleration column
  • Final purification column

The water used in the production of the product, passes through three degree of purification:

  • Purification by the ion-exchange resins
  • Purification by the activated carbon
  • Purification of by reverse osmosis

The hydroalcoholic mixture passes through the following purification steps:

  • Filtering through the two coal columns
  • Filtering through quartz sand
  • Purification through filtration plant with cartridges impregnated with silver ions
  • Purification through filtration plant with cartridges impregnated platinum ions
  • Purification through a installation of polishing of filtration